S02|E06: Salem, Oregon (Benny Bills)

November 25, 2016

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In 2013, hundred dollar bills started mysteriously appearing throughout Salem, Oregon; in diaper boxes, tip cups, people's cars. This is the story of the mysterious person hiding them, and how their generosity became contagious.

This week's guests: Heather Martin, JoAnn Culbertson, and Rob Whelan

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Special thanks to Night Cadet for the use of their song "Seaside."

Other Featured Music: Dave Depper - Perspective; Will Bangs - The Soft Glow of Christmas Lights; David Szesztay - Take Care; Dave Depper - Acoustic 2; Will Bangs - You Make My Heart Sing So Loud; Dave Depper - Wholesome 1; Josh Woodward - Thanks for Coming (Instrumental); Steve Combs - Thank You (Remix) Music available at: www.freemusicarchive.com


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