S03|E10: A Year of Podcasting (WY, LA, OK w/ Jeremy Collins & Holly Hall)

June 18, 2017

Our Americana continues celebrating its first birthday by honoring podcasting. In the second of a three part series with various podcasters, Josh sits down with Jeremy Collins (Podcasts We Listen To) and Holly Hall (The Most Wonderful Wonder) to talk about the strange transition from New Orleans to Casper, Wyoming; and how a country band with a love of dark history created one of the most unique podcasts out there.

Music by: Welcome Little Stranger David Szesztay Kosta T Hyson Charles Atlas Vi-Fi


S03|E09: A Year of Podcasting (North Carolina w/ Steven Pappas)

June 8, 2017

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Our Americana celebrates its first birthday by honoring podcasting the best way we know how: through origin and community. In the first of a three part series with various podcasters, Josh sits down with Steven Pappas of the Is This Adulting? podcast to talk very candidly about his North Carolina upbringing, mental health, religion, evolving ideology, and what it means to be a progressive southern boy.

Music by: Dave Depper, Will Bangs, Milky-Chu, Jon Watts, Johnny_Ripper, and Evgeny Grinko


S03|E08: Roadside Attractions (The World’s Biggest Fish)

June 1, 2017

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Hot off the heels of #VanLife, we stick to the open road and explore American Roadside Attractions. Manatees, vacuums, Big Fish, and some listener stories.

Music by: Drake Stafford, Broke For Free, Three Chain Links, Maxim Kornyshev, Will Bangs, and Cloudjumper