S01|E03: Port Townsend, Washington (We Found Busytown)

June 22, 2016

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On the peninsula of a peninsula, in the northwest of the Northwest, there is a town whose citizens pride themselves on being masters of trade; and that trade is less commodity and more currency. Some call it Busytown, others refer to it as Lynchian; we called it home for a month, while Andrew renovated Vantasia.

Today we head to Port Townsend, and tell stories of tazing deer, a boat race to Alaska, a family who dresses as superheroes, feasting on roadkill, and me slowly losing my mind in a cabin in the woods.

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This week's guests: Erica Dirksen, Matthew Nienow, and Xep Campbell

Music by: Dave Depper, Will Bangs, Alex Fitch, Podington Bear, and DR


S01|E02: Chincoteague, Virginia (Foodtrucks & Ponies)

June 10, 2016

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The island of ponies... and food trucks.

Chincoteague is a small island off the coast of Virginia that is inhabited by wild ponies. You may remember the book "Misty of Chincoteague" - Yeah, that Chincoteague.

In this episode I chat with 3 pairs of Millennials (all of whom are foodies): A couple who runs a gourmet doughnut truck, sisters-in-law who recently arrived on the island and are still trying to find their footing there, and best friends who have spent most of their lives on Chincoteague. We talk about the food trucks craze, the importance of your local mailman, and, of course, those ponies.

This week's guests:

Brea Reeves & Ben Wang www.sandyponydonut.com

Rosie & Kate Moot http://www.picotaqueria.com/

Laura Davis & Morgan Ross http://tideandthyme.com/

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Music: Perspective by Dave Depper; I'll Miss You by Will Bangs; Serenity by Podington Bear; Starling by Podington Bear; Pink Blossoms by Podington Bear; Sepia by Podington Bear; Wavy Glass by Podington Bear; Daydreamer by Podington Bear; Stars Are Out by Podington Bear


S01|E01: Petoskey, Michigan (Going Small)

June 2, 2016

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It seemed only right that the first episode of Our Americana's podcast be about Petoskey. It was our favorite stop on the trip, and a place we've come to speak of us our own personal eden: that place you hope to end up.

In this episode, I chat with five Millennials who have recently moved (or returned) to Petoskey about what it was like leaving the big city for a small and rural town. We discuss the perks and challenges of small town living, dissect the paradigm shift of young people returning to small towns, and try to figure out what makes Petoskey such a magical place. Plus, lots of Gilmore Girls references. //

This week's guests:

Zoe Marshall-Rashid, 32 Zoe grew up in Petoskey and recently moved back after living in San Francisco, New York, and Mexico. Upon her return, she opened a dance studio in town: www.ZoeDance.net |

Kalin Sheick, 28 Kalin grew up outside of Detroit, traveling to Petoskey every summer as a child. Last year she and her husband decided to make Petoskey home. Kalin runs a boutique floral design studio from her lavender farm: www.stemsandsprigs.com |

Katie Potts, 23 Katie just decided to return home after finishing college in Chicago. She opened a cheese shop in downtown last October, where she's been making a name for herself as Petoskey's resident cheese monger: www.PetoskeyCheese.com |

Danielle Charles, 32 After graduating from Petoskey High School, Danielle lived in Seattle, Boulder, Vermont, and even England, before deciding Petoskey was truly where she belonged. She and her husband now own a very hip coffee shop in downtown Petoskey, where Andrew and I spent many mornings: www.DripworksCoffee.com |

Tracy Thomson, 31 Tracy had already performed ballet and modern dance all over the world when he decided that small town life was what made him happiest. He returned to his hometown, despite being anxious that he couldn't make a relationship or his career work there. Since his arrival, he's married the man of his dreams and started a successful career in event planning. //

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Music: Perspective by Dave Depper; I'll Miss You by Will Bangs; Secret Place by Alex Fitch; I'm So Glad You Exist by Will Bangs; Pretty Build by Podington Bear; Sincerely Yours by Podington Bear